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Nathan Westwood - Hello Visitor (2011)

Big news in my personal music world…I’m releasing a record under a new surname! I know, it’s been done before, but it’s a new thing for me.

Maybe I’ll keep changing my project name for every new album. Anyway, enjoy it now here for FREE.

Happy listening.

Nathan Westwood – Hello Visitor (2011) (Whole Album Mediafire DL)

Your Cerebral Divine
Hello Visitor
Come Home Soon
The White Vans
Measure Of A Man
Sugar Blues
One Lonely Place I'll Never Go
I'm Your Man
Living In The Zeros
Broken Hearts

Calling The Whales

Again Cast In


Summer Of The Lion, Summer Of The Lamb

Chained To The Crown

Photo taken by my wife, Kim, Picture The Love/Sound.
You Should Be Happy

This is my most current album (2006?) and reminds me everyday that I need to get something new going.


TIARA demos, b-sides etc. 1
TIARA demos, b-sides etc. 2

I was in a band called TIARA for about 11 years and we made a lot of recordings including 5 official albums. Featured here are some demos, b-sides and extra tracks previously unreleased. I wrote most of these songs so I feel they are relevant to my little blog here. I’ll probably have some more eventually too. Enjoy.


Invisible Friends

This is my first official album with the name Metronome. I recorded a lot of songs under the name TIARA before this; it was really my solo project before it became a band. After TIARA fully formed and we were planning our first record, I realized that I couldn’t really make songs using that name anymore. So all my new solo songs fell under the name Metronome and after this album I changed it to eric Metronome to avoid any confusion with another band called The Metronomes in Japan. I like hearing this album because it reminds me of how much I used to experiment with sounds and compositions…way more than I do now. I aspire to get back to the creativity I used to have.


The Two-Eared Man

This is considered my 2nd full length album CD…only because the Lime Green CD was released after this…I actually made the Lime Green album before this one but it was only released as a cassette. This version of The Two-Eared Man was remixed and remastered; I was very unhappy with the original mastering done by BBPTC. It was squashed beyond belief and sounded horrible and peaky in a bad way. Anyway, during the process of remixing I decided to add some extra bonus tracks from the same era to here you go. Enjoy!


Vintage songs

This post will probably be more for hardcore eMet fans. Within the Vintage folder posted above, I have the equivalent of about 9 albums worth of songs that were never officially released. This collection dates back to circa 1987 when I began capturing sounds onto cassettes and dubbing them back and forth between boomboxes. Needless to say, some of the quality is original Lo-Fi…but some of the songs are quite charming. I will also soon post my whole collection of covers spanning my entire recording history. Fun Fun Fun. Hope you enjoy these as much as I did making them.


Under The Rug

Seasonal Affective Disorder (AKA The S.A.D. ep)

Yesteryear was a writing and recording project between myself and Ryan Klauk from Tipili and Minnetonka. We traded tapes thru the mail and found that our ears were similar…we decided to try some songs together. We sent a master 4-track cassette back and forth thru the USPS between Boston and Columbus to create the music, each starting a number of songs and finishing them up for each other. It was exciting at the time and it’s fun to hear these songs again. Under The Rug was the full length CD that came out of the initial recordings, released on Magic Eye Singles out of Baltimore MD in 1993. We recorded many more tracks for a planned follow-up EP but it never materialized. Seasonal Affective Disorder (AKA The S.A.D. ep) is the collection of lost songs, available here for the first time. As a footnote, Ryan was the person who initially turned me on to Elliott Smith. Thanks Ryan.


Urban Spaces EP

This was a 7″ 4 song EP that came out on the 100 Guitar Mania label in Japan after my first album was released. The record is long out of print so now it’s available in the digital cloud. I did a cover of the classic My Bloody Valentine song “Drive It All Over Me” for this release.


The She EP

This was a split 12″ record with Orange Cake Mix that came out sometime between my 1st and 2nd albums on the Blackbean and Placenta Tape Club label out of California. These are actually some of my favorite songs I’ve done.


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